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Engineand transmission

Quality engine repairs

Top Quality Engine and Transmission Services

Engine and Transmission services encompass a wide variety of the repairs that you may need for your car. Bring your auto into Drake Garage and our highly skilled professionals will make sure your engine and transmission are running smoothly.

Engine services

  • Timing belt replacement

  • Seals and gaskets replacement

  • Engine valves repairs

  • Intake manifold gasket replacement

  • Remove and replace head gaskets

  • Freeze plug replacement

  • Fuel system testing and repair

  • Engine replacement

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  • Check Engine Light

  • Poor Performance especially when accelerating

  • Rough Idle

  • Won't Start

  • Stalling

  • Oil Leaks

Symptoms that may indicate engine trouble:

  • Oil Leaks

  • Hesitating going into gear

  • Check Engine Light

  • Erratic Shifting

  • Transmission Fluid Smells Burnt

Symptoms that can indicate transmission trouble:

Drake Garage provides a full range of services to alleviate these problems.

Engine services

  • Change transmission fluid

  • Change transmission filter

  • Replace seals and gaskets

  • Check for transmission diagnostic codes

  • Overhaul transmissions