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Exceptional Brake Repair Services

Brakes are by far the most important safety item on your vehicle. Keeping them in good shape is one of our most important jobs.


Brakes should be inspected regularly and any change in brake pedal pressure, grinding, scraping, or squealing noise should be checked out immediately.


We can check your brakes for wear, brake fluid levels, rotor and/or drum condition, disc pad and/or brake shoe condition.

Brake services include repair or replace:

  • Drum and disc brakes

  • Resurface or replace rotors and or drums

  • Inspect shoes and/or pads

  • Traction control systems

  • Anti-lock systems

  • Parking brake service

  • Wheel Cylinders

Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained and serviced by our experts.

Visit us for exceptional wheel alignment services.

918, 42nd Street

If you’re looking for reliable auto maintenance services, you're at the right place. We use extensive computer diagnostics for all our automobile repair work.


Speak to our professionals to learn more about our services. We also offer a 1-year warranty on all our auto repair work.